From Ashes is Now Available!

As promised, the short story I’ve released to go with my modeling session at Catalyst is available on Amazon! It will be free tomorrow, and will stay free until next week. I would have posted it here, but due to WordPress not having an age content filter, I’ve had to release it on Amazon. So go check it out!


Here is the blurb…

Slave girl knows Master is on his way. She wants to be full of excitement, and fall to her knees—kissing his boots—the moment he walks in the door, but that’s not going to happen. Little slave knows she’s not been forthcoming about something, and in the pit of her stomach, she suspects he knows.

Her only option is to tell the truth, or try and convince herself of the thing she knows just can’t be true. She knows what she is, and seeing herself in any other light, feels impossible, but her desire to receive Master’s approval, might be just what she needs to shift her perspective.


Keep checking back for the update on how the modeling session went as well as whether or not this experience has changed my view of myself. 🙂


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