Sleep well, little thing

“Sleep well, little thing.”

The sentence seems so simple and possibly insulting. Suggestive of me being a ‘thing’ and also small, unimportant. So why does it make me so dang wet?

I suppose because all my life I’ve felt like I had to be the bigger person, the one in charge, making the tough decisions, responsible for things that shouldn’t have been my responsibility.

Yet they were.

It’s what I love about submission. Not having to be the one in control. Feeling small in a world that is so big and overwhelming. The moment I’m dropped into subspace (that wonderful, euphoric place you go during submission), all the noise goes away. Things are simple, quiet.


I have no worry over the day. No concern for tasks that need completing. Not even worry about the larger, worldly things like global warming, injustice, feeding the hungry… I think about these things often and they overwhelm me. In a world where so much is going wrong, whether in my personal life or the greater beyond, all of it feels so enormous and heavy. Like there is just too much to take on.

When I submit, I’m reminded that there is a place I can go where all the worry goes away. Nothing matters beyond my one simple instruction. The only voice I hear is the one of command. Telling me what needs doing. Ordering me to obey. It is a voice I trust completely when coming from the right person.

It’s such a splendid thing to feel small in a world that’s so big. Because feeling small also feels safe. Being told I’m a thing doesn’t feel like an insult in this instance, but instead, a sweet release from responsibility in that moment. It shifts my thoughts from stress, to pleasure.

So, “Sleep well, little thing,” is a great gift when spoken. It is the permission to sleep sweetly, well, and not to worry because in this place, you aren’t in control. You are safe in this place. Small and protected.

Words can be so tricky at times. Tone as well. One might hear such a thing and not understand the meaning. Not feel the release and joy at the suggestion. Or they might mistake a person submitting for being weak, when in fact, they are more powerful by their ability to let go and trust.

For someone like me (who is dominant most of the time), feeling small, insignificant, and like a thing for a short time, is like the sweetest, most delicious honey.

So I say to all of you reading this who enjoy submission and get my meaning here, “Sleep well, little things.”


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