Needing a Recharge

I’ve hit my max. I’m officially tired. I want to submit and not be in control for a bit. To drop so hard that I lose track of time and feel nothing but the sweet release of letting go. Some things work temporarily, but not for long.


Where oh where is my vacation from my body? Why do I have to be strong and self-sufficient all the time? Sometimes, I really want to stop.

But I won’t. I will keep pluggin away. Keep being strong. Because that’s what I do.

And when I get my vacation to subspace, I will appreciate the journey far more than if I was doing it all the time.

But oh do I want it now.


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2 Responses to Needing a Recharge

  1. i hear you…loud and clear 🙂

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  2. You hit it on the head! Vacation…. I miss that


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