Rustycon 33 Schedule

Here is my official Rustycon 33 schedule. The convention has a full writing track available for my fellow authors, and the amazing Steven Barnes as the author GOH! Family track and alt-life style are amazing, gaming too! So many great things to come see.

I’ll also be there as the President of the nonprofit writing workshop I work for, so if you have questions, please let me know and I’ll point toward our table.

Fri Jan 15 8:00:pm Fri Jan 15 9:00:pm Responsible Non-Monogamy
Orcas B If you have ever wondered about a non-monogamous lifestyle, ie. Polyamory, Swinging, etc, this panel exists to explain how to do it responsibly.
Amber Clark Sheree Robinson Sienna Saint-Cyr William Ewing


Fri Jan 15 9:00:pm Fri Jan 15 10:00:pm Sex in Writing
Orcas A Writing a sex scene? Better have good reason! Sex is something most people do, and can be a great way to emotionally connect readers with characters, but is it necessary? If so, how much should you put in?  MUST BE 18, AND HAVE ID.
Gene Armstrong Julie Hoverson Michael Ehart Sienna Saint-Cyr


Fri Jan 15 11:00:pm Sat Jan 16 12:00:am BDSM and PTSD
Orcas B Navigating BDSM means good, open communication, being aware of your needs and speaking them, but having PTSD can turn a fun spanking into a freakout session. Listen to pros with PTSD discuss how they use BDSM to face their trauma in healthy ways, overcome triggers, and help other partners with PTSD as well. MUST BE 18! MUST HAVE ID!
Amber Clark Mickey Schulz Morgue Anne Sienna Saint-Cyr


Sat Jan 16 5:00:pm Sat Jan 16 6:00:pm Vulnerability Via Writing
Emerald D The act of writing makes us vulnerable. Intentionally facing our truest fears and deepest pain can give our stories dimension, meaning, and purpose. While writing can be therapeutic, how much is giving too much of ourselves? How can our work be informed by life experiences, without necessarily being autobiographical? And once the words are on the page, how and why would we let them go? Come prepared to look at writing in a new way.
April Daniels Elizabeth Guizzetti Sienna Saint-Cyr Tom D Wright


Sat Jan 16 8:00:pm Sat Jan 16 9:00:pm Pan, Trans, or Bi?
Orcas B Coming out as Pansexual, Transexual, or Bisexual can be hard enough, but what happens when communities you’d think would be accepting, shun you away? Hear pros share experiences and discuss why the gay and heterosexual communities aren’t always the most supportive.
April Daniels Matthew Roark Sheye Anne Blaze Sienna Saint-Cyr


Sat Jan 16 11:00:pm Sun Jan 17 12:00:am Writing Kink, Inserting a Little Practicality into your Fantasy
Orcas A As much as Kink has been a part of fantasy and erotica for centuries of writing, modern readers only have 50 Shades of Grey as a popular reference for the Kink Lifestyle. People experienced in that lifestyle can tell you how inaccurate those books are, so how can you write kink in a way that is both hot, and realistic? Come talk to writers experienced in the lifestyle to discuss some of the real experienced people have when practicing kink, and how that can reflect in your writing.  MUST BE 18, AND HAVE ID.
Grant T. Riddell Jean Johnson Sienna Saint-Cyr


Sun Jan 17 11:00:am Sun Jan 17 12:00:pm Branding Yourself as an Author
Emerald D As authors, we need to stand out. Not just in our writing, but by branding ourselves in appearance, an online presence, and more. Learn from pros how they went about branding themselves, what worked, and what didn’t.
Janice Clark Kelli Stasi Sienna Saint-Cyr Tod McCoy

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