Liar, Liar, Pants of Fire, Hangin From a…


This silly school song is something everyone I know can sing in one variation or another. The lyrics might shift slightly depending on where you’re from, but the base of the chant is the same… You’re a liar, and now you’re caught. Your pants are ablaze and no matter where you try to hide, you’ll be seen with your pants up in flames and your most intimate parts exposed like the terrible person you are.



1.a false statement made with deliberate intent to deceive; an intentional untruth; a falsehood.

  1. something intended or serving to convey a false impression; imposture:
  2. an inaccurate or false statement; a falsehood.
  3. the charge or accusation of telling a lie:

verb (used without object), lied, lying.

  1. to speak falsely or utter untruth knowingly, as with intent to deceive.
  2. to express what is false; convey a false impression.

verb (used with object), lied, lying.

  1. to bring about or affect by lying (often used reflexively):

Not all lies mean a person is terrible.

There are times where a lie might be told to protect someone’s feelings. Or at times partial truth withheld because the person may not be ready to see the full truth. While this is still dishonest, this is vastly different than the form of lying I’m speaking of in this post.

Lying with deliberate intent to deceive—to manipulate, to harm, to control—this type of lying isn’t okay with me. None really is, but some are at least more tolerable. Some are understandable.

Lying with intent to harm seems to be what some people are all about. They spin so many lies that they can’t succeed at keeping the truth suppressed. They can’t keep which lie they told to which person sorted. They continue to lie even when they know for a fucking fact that they are caught red-handed.

Weaving a web of lies means your web can be easily torn down.

I’m done with liars. I won’t protect them.

Truth is truth and fact is fact. When something is in writing, IT’S IN WRITING. You can’t take it back. The only option is to drop your pride and ‘own’ it, or look like a crazy person trying to deny it.

Which of these two things is better?

Just OWN it. Say you’re sorry. Stop the lies. Stop blaming others. Stop playing the victim. Fucking own your mistakes. Stop hurting people!

I used to have some pretty toxic people in my life. The kinds of lying assholes that would threaten me with lawsuits if I ‘told’ on them. Or would threaten me in other ways. Sometimes physically. I was afraid to share what these kinds of people were doing to me and others. Afraid of repercussions.

Guess what assholes?

I’m not afraid anymore.

Not that long ago, many things shifted for me. I asked to be punished for lying myself, though it was lying to protect the same kinds of abusive assholes I’m talking about in this post. And I was told that behavior was over. DONE. I’m not to protect people like that anymore.

It worked.

I have no desire to protect lying, abusive, manipulative, horrible people.

When I began ejecting these sorts of lying shitheads from my life, I thought my list of friends would dwindle. And for a short time it did. But then my list of friends grew, and grew, and grew even more. It’s still growing and these new friends have something in common, they don’t like liars either!

Life is hard enough. We all fuck up at some point. We all make a bad choice or hurt someone we didn’t mean to hurt. We all choose an action that we can’t foresee causing harm, but it does. We’re human. It happens. When it does, is it really that hard to say I’m sorry? Is it really that hard to be honest?

I get that’s it’s embarrassing to make mistakes because *gasp* that might mean we aren’t perfect. Someone might see our flaws.

But no one is perfect. No one.

This is why I like transparency. Yes, I vent about people and things that happen. I think we all do. It’s how we keep from going postal. But I don’t deny it. I tell the person I’m venting about what I’ve said because how else can we work through things?

My current friends vent about me too. I know they do, because they tell me. Then we talk and it’s over.

This is what adulting looks like.

This is what healthy communication looks like.

I don’t even take venting personally. I expect it. Because again, we’re human.

What I don’t expect or accept is liars using anything and everything to cause harm. People that masquerade as friends but the moment they think you’re enemies, run to others and twist anything and everything to make you look untrustworthy. Or to make you look like the bad guy while the other person plays the role of victim.

Jokes on you liars!

Liars can only maintain their lies for so long. Once they are outed, they’re outed. No one will ever trust them again. At least no one in the ‘know’. And no one can conceal the truth forever. People get tired. They stop being afraid of ‘punishment’ for telling the truth. Then they tell. As they should. As I should and now do.

Liars don’t deserve protecting.

These kinds of abusive and manipulative liars HATE open communication. This notion is a nightmare because it reveals their lies and they can no longer control people or the situation. These kinds of liars are shifty too. The moment they realize they’re caught, they quickly spin a new lie or excuse to conceal the one that’s been revealed. They also don’t like confrontation. Maybe because it’s harder to lie about someone when you’re looking them in the eyes.

There are many kinds of people in this world that deserve my ‘asshole’ title. Some bully and try to control others by yelling at them, belittling them, shaming them, and so on. Then there’s those that try to control by telling lies. They spin everything. Manipulate everything. This is their method of power.

I’m fed up with these sorts. Lying is no form of power. It’s cowardice.

Shitty people are shitty people. They stink of their feces and I want to nowhere near them. I will not protect these people. I will not lie for them. I will do what I need to do to protect areas of my life where I can’t be as forthcoming as I’d like, but I will call it as I see it everywhere else.

Shitty people deserve to be flushed down the fucking toilet. This is me, pressing the handle and flushing your stank right the fuck away.

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