Con Wrap Up

This is later than I wanted it to be, but… con crud! What can I do? Carrying on… Norwescon 39 has come to a close and once again I missed so many of you there! While it was my busiest Norwescon yet, it was also the most amazing.

I did some panels on Thursday, first being the one on writing workshops. Then I did my reading from Love Slave: Dark Desires. Which went well. (Photos by Randy Henderson.)

Last for that evening was Enthusiastic Consent. This panel was amazing. Such a fantastic topic and I learned more about myself while speaking to the audience. I shared about how I used to consent to things often, not realizing I wasn’t enthusiastic about it. I’d agreed when I didn’t want to be. This went above and beyond sexual acts. It really touches every part of my life.

Friday was a day of mostly play. I had one panel—The Furiosa Test—which I shared with Lisa Bolekaja and Amber Clark. Two phenomenal and knowledgeable ladies! Then, time for play!

Warning!!! Kinky side coming into effect now! *big grins*

That evening I got a wonderful beating and came many times in front of an audience of one. At one point someone wrote letters on my chest that represent a nickname of mine, and I got to walk around proudly displaying these letters and sharing what they mean with a select few. Oh, and I got to come even more! And dance, and come, and explore parties, and come… Yes, it was certainly a fantastic night. I feel fortunate to have so many kinky (or simply open) friends that allow me to be myself around them. All the fun certainly made my weekend!


Saturday held fun too, and two advanced panels. One on consensual non-monogamy and the other on BDSM. Not only did I get to share my personal experiences, but I also spoke about two of the sites I write for ( and – both that happen to have articles of mine up currently), as they have valuable and related material on their sites.

Also that day I did Drinks With Authors (aka Barcon) with several other authors and writing groups. Thank you to all who attended! (Photos by Screenwriter John Lovett and my hubby.)

The weekend offered me so much more than I’d hoped for. It also marked the first time at a con (ever) where I’ve not gotten triggered. I got to see my growth and hard work in action. Norwescon 33 was the first con I ever attended, which made it all the more special that it’s now the first con that I’ve simply had fun at. No drama, no shutting down and hiding in my room, just fun and good people.

I did miss two of my very best friends Matthew and Stephanie, but they were busy taking care of their adorable little man. But you two were certainly missed by many!

I’d write more, but I still don’t have a lot of energy.  It was fantastic to see all of you and I look forward to Anglicon and Westercon 69!


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