Embodying Sex


Can sex happen with a mere look? I asked this question on social media last night to see what others thought and not surprisingly, didn’t get feedback. I got hearts, but not answers. This made me wonder, why no answers?

Personally, I believe sex can absolutely be a look.

Some people feel that to be classified as sex, there needs to be intercourse. I know, because I was one of them. Despite saying things like anal sex, oral sex, tantric sex, and having the word ‘sex’ present in each, I didn’t see those as sex. I know, silly me…

The best sex I’ve had hasn’t involved touch, though. There are days when I wonder how this is possible, but then I remember that there are people that have sex, and there are those that are sex. As in they embody a sexual energy that far surpasses orgasm. They walk around feeling this pulse of desire constantly and if we’re lucky, project it outward.

This is a phenomenal energy that I’ve only recently accepted, felt, and projected.

It’s so powerful and has the ability to make even the most irritating circumstances laughable and more importantly, enjoyable!

Tonight I began thinking why it is that so many humans shame sexuality. Why they’re okay liking or loving a question about sex being possible from a glance, but not okay answering it? Why is sex this big *evil* thing that needs to be avoided in conversation?

I’d say this goes one way and is more often aimed at women, and I do feel it is in regards to physical forms of sex, but when it comes to exuding the kind of sexuality I’m referring to in this post, it’s hard for men too. Hard for anyone, no matter if they claim a gender or are neutral because overall, our society is uncomfortable with our sexuality.

We suppress it, hide it, bury it away, though so many of us are thinking about it constantly. It’s at our animalistic core. Yes, ladies are fucking horny too. There are so many theories as to why we shame ourselves for something so natural to our species, and most have to do with religion and culture, but why do we feel bad about something that is part of us?

I know one thing, I’m not living in fear when I’m embodying this level of sexuality. Maybe if someone walked up to me and held a gun to my head I’d feel fear, but that’s an immediate and life-threatening event. If someone says something shitty about me, glares, dismisses me, or anything that is childish in this manner and I’m embodying this pure, Goddess sexual essence, I laugh. Because really, I’m coming. Like constantly. All the time. Right there in front of the person, slapping them with my lovely orgasm. Metaphorically of course.

It’s hard to explain to someone that hasn’t felt it because it isn’t like a physical sex orgasm. It’s all over my body. This light sensation that can be turned on high given the right circumstance. Or made to simmer until the time is right.

It’s a place of power we all possess, but most don’t allow to surface.

And here in lies the problem…

It’s a place of power we all possess.

When I was talking to D earlier, he was sharing about certain people being afraid because they don’t know what to do with this kind of energy and power. I wasn’t really getting it and I’m likely going to be processing what all this means for a while. The more I think on it, though, the more I see that it’s all about power.

Fear yes, but fear of losing power.

Where I am right now, I’d face any of my abusers and laugh in their pathetic faces. They can’t hurt me in this place. They can’t threaten me in this place. Physically they could still hurt me, but not with idle threats, fear, and bullying. In fact, I’d likely slap them in the face. Maybe spit on them. So many wonderful things I could do…

It makes sense that whether at a conscious or subconscious level, humans sense this deep level of power. We just don’t understand it. We’ve been so conditioned that if we project sexually, that we are ‘bad’.

Women anyway. Men can, but only in a ‘fuck me’ sort of way.

I surround myself with good people now, but when I was younger, women couldn’t enjoy sex or be sexual without being sluts, and men couldn’t put any sort of emotional connection into sex. They could fuck, but anything more was ‘sissy’. Not masculine. — I could go on about gender labeling all damn night, so I’ll leave that BS for another post. — But hopefully you all get my point here… Women can’t enjoy sex, and men can’t enjoy deep bonds. The one thing women are encouraged to do is the opposite men are encouraged to do. WTF is this?

Maybe all this crap was brought on because if women didn’t suppress themselves sexually, and if men didn’t suppress themselves emotionally, we’d have such deep and powerful connections that a lot wouldn’t affect us. We’d not care about the latest gadgets, or what’s on T.V., or what our coworker was gossiping about behind the copy machine, because we’d be having sex. All the damn time.

Not in the physical intercourse way, but in the way I was talking about earlier.

The powerful way, that has the ability to make even the most irritating circumstances laughable and more importantly, enjoyable!

I’d love to jump to conspiracy and claim it’s hard to sell products to happy people. Or that it’s hard to control happy people. That people abusing their power couldn’t maintain their level of abuse if we were confident and believed in ourselves. But I don’t need to jump to conspiracy. These are facts.

Whether or not this is done with intention—using sexuality—isn’t as clear. But it is true in the sense of overall happiness. And if us owning who we are and honoring who we are makes us strong and less susceptible to bullshit, then us finding our place of power as individuals is a huge threat to our current society.

Except we too are society.

We choose how we treat one another. We decide if we’re going to shame someone for their sexuality. Or their ability to feel and express emotions. Or their ability to find happiness even in the darkest of places. We choose to embrace our power, or hand it over.

This feeling I’m having now I used to only get when I submitted to D. And even then it was only a fraction of what I’m feeling now. Submitting to him from this place of sexual power just makes the feeling that much more powerful.

During my conversation with him I told him why I used to love reading novels about Goddesses. It was because the Goddesses never apologized for meeting their sexual needs. They were always confident and proud, equal, if not more powerful than the Gods. And the Gods embraced their emotional side. They were powerful because of their ability to have empathy. Yes, these were specific novels I’d read, but this was why I loved them.

My understanding of worship doesn’t align with doctrine and religion. For me, worship is about honoring our true selves. Experiencing a full range of emotions and sexual energy no matter our gender or gender neutrality. We have divinity within us, and that divinity is powerful.

Worship is honoring the divine in each of us.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary definitions:


  1. supremely good


  1. excessive admiration for someone

I don’t want to tolerate shaming anymore. It’s why I’m writing this post. By not being more vocal, I’ve been tolerating behavior I can’t condone. And, not surprisingly, I’ve been tolerating it because I was afraid to be attacked.

But I’m still coming like a little Goddess whore, so I don’t give a fuck anymore.

Acceptance, love, empathy, divinity, sexuality, sex, emotions, feeling, these are words that we can all enjoy and embrace as equals.

Owning who we are is vital to our happiness, and when we are happy as a whole, we are productive and help one another. We don’t experience more complex emotions like jealousy and greed because we are content. Satisfied in the deepest and most fulfilling ways possible. So I won’t be silent on these issues any longer. I will not be shamed for walking around like a sex-crazed maniac and coming as much as I want throughout the day, and I won’t tolerate others being shamed for that or for feeling, either.

Now, time for more sex! ❤




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