Living Passion


Passion is something I thought existed in movies and books, often accompanied by people attacking one another in a sexual manner as they kissed passionately. If we’re lucky, we may find passion in a relationship. We might be the ones kissing passionately. But these things aren’t specific in the dictionary. Despite having multiple possible meanings, the one thing they all have in common is the word ‘strong’.

It wasn’t until this last week that I realized passion isn’t synonymous with a relationship. Nor is it something fake that is being spoon fed to us by the media. Passion means so much more to me now. I’m feeling it constantly, all around me. With people, but also plants, animals, anything that is living.

I’m literally living passion.

When I look at the dictionary meanings, they are about having strong feelings of enthusiasm or excitement, in some cases anger, and others are of a sexual nature. So what this tells me is that what I’m feeling, I’m feeling with strength. I’m feeling everything passionately.

I look forward to getting out of bed now. Even when I’m tired. I’m excited for what the day is going to bring. Life is about discovery, not coping. This is an amazing new world that sits before me and it’s been here all along, just smothered by trauma and fear. With the negative things dealt with, there’s only passion left. So each morning I’m waking with peace in my head and joy in my heart. It’s a phenomenal place to be.

I’m so open to all life around me that I even had to safeword a hug! Yes, you read that right. I didn’t need to safeword out of 100 cane strokes but I needed to safeword a mere hug. This makes me laugh so hard every time I think about it. But it’s the openness and the passion that’s making me so susceptible to the overwhelming energy of D. I have to say, it felt like hugging the sun.

Passion is allowing me to experience life like I never have. Each embrace has meaning. Every leaf or flower, a level of peace and grace. I’ve always heard the phrase, “Stop and smell the roses,” and I used to, but I didn’t feel the scent to my core. I didn’t truly experience the rose. Okay, now that just sounds horribly kinky and dirty!

My point is that I’m experiencing life. I’m full of passion for all of the life around me. That’s why it was there during my hug, when I felt the sun on my face today, when I felt rage when a friend experienced bad medical advice. And while each thing had a little different kind of passion backing it, the passion didn’t come from something external. It’s inside me. Vibrant and glowing, shining out like I too am the sun.

I used to watch cheesy movies where people would attack one another because they had so much passion, and I always thought that was something to be sought outside myself. But I was wrong. With the passion already inside me, I’m able to bring that to the party now. It’s not external, it’s within.

I’d write more, but well… it’s late and I want to sleep. Just thought I’d share this amazing little thing that happened to me recently, and how I’m so excited for tomorrow and each day ahead. Because every single day means more passion, more love, and a deeper level of experiencing life.

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