Chosen Family = Real Love


Tonight a friend said some very loving things to me. It made me break down in all the right ways. He didn’t speak magical words or give me information that I hadn’t been told before, but coming from him, it meant a lot.

He pointed out how far I’ve come in these last few years and also a major point that I feel has made an enormous difference in the amount of growth I’ve been capable of. He said that I when I started on my path of healing I already had a support structure in place. And he was right. While my chosen and blood family shrank significantly in the beginning (to weed out all the unhealthy people), then grew to pull more healthy people in, I’ve had a great group of people to help me through the hardest of times. This is the group that stayed steady throughout, and I owe them a lot.

There are many amazing things happening for me right now. So many that even when something snags, tries to drag me down and cause frustration, I simply cut the line and keep moving forward. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to do. Just to keep moving forward and continuing to allow the good to come into my life.

If I hadn’t been doing all the hard work, then I’d not be able to step up to these opportunities and reach new heights. Instead, I’d be running in fear and shaming myself for failing. But now I get to reach up, grab hold of these wonderful possibilities, and leap into this brave new future.

There are things I’ve not announced because it’s not quite time yet, but I will. Things that wouldn’t be possible if I wasn’t doing my work and if I didn’t have the AMAZING, WONDERFUL, LOVING, and KIND people in my life. People that give of their time, patience, compassion, and even opportunities… because they believe in me.

I’m truly fortunate to have these kinds of people in my life. While at one time I used to think I was just ‘lucky’, I now see that I have wonderful people in my life because I am a wonderful person too. I try hard, am vulnerable, give my time and energy, and witness their pain as they witness mine.

As I move forward with some very busy months, I do so with the understanding that I deserve this goodness in my life. I deserve all the good people and all the opportunities that arise because of my hard work and their love for me. I truly believe that if it was just me, no matter how hard I worked at it, I’d not be where I am. Or if it was just for others loving me, but I refused to grow, then I’d not be here either. It’s about balance, hard work, and love.

I am living an amazing life.

Chosen Family = Real Love

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