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“But! But! Your facts are devastating to my case!”

Last night I shared Tymber Dalton’s blog post about someone making an assumption over something she’d posted on FB. She’d posted about her life and health, and someone jumped to conclusions and attacked her. Tymber’s response was perfect and thankfully her fans came to her defense, but this kind of nonsense is such utter bullshit and so many of us get stuck dealing with this crap.

Tymber is open, honest, and public about her lifestyle and health. So why, when it’s so easy to find facts and truth, do people make such stupid assumptions?

After posting the blog and making my own commentary, a friend responded with the line I posted above, “your facts are devastating to my case.” Which made my hubby and I laugh hard because it’s so true! When certain kinds of people are confronted with facts, rather than admit they were wrong, they defend their misconceptions and assumptions and outright paranoia to the end.

It’s ridiculous!

I’m passionate about Tymber’s situation because I understand. Part of what began her post in the first place was her telling people to stop gossiping and assuming things about another author. Someone apparently released a novel claiming to be a true story, tell all about another author. The story is fiction. It says so in the beginning. But people, they’re a problem… and they began assuming and speculating about who this author might be. In the midst of Tymber pleading with folks not to ruin someone’s reputation, she was attacked herself.

This seems to be the way of things for people in the public eye. Whether authors, actors/actresses, bloggers, game designers, performers, etc… And that seems to be the key. People don’t gossip about nobodies. They gossip about people they see as important. People they are jealous of or want to be around and can’t be.

It sucks. I hate this crap. I hate that people assume and foam at the mouth over things they know nothing about. But if we look at why, should we really sweat it?

The fact of the matter is that Tymber is a great author and has a large following. The woman that made an ass of herself? Not so much…

I do find it sad that all those folks making assumptions about the other author (whom I don’t know in any way), had nothing better to do than speculate. And the woman that attacked Tymber, couldn’t even be bothered with a tiny bit of research before making assumptions and being nasty. There’s so much to focus on this world, why do we insist on focusing on these petty things?

I don’t care to speculate about anyone. I don’t have time. My focus is so much larger.

Tonight, I’m giving a shout-out to all those who are above this silliness. I think Tymber’s response was badass and I’m thankful she isn’t afraid to say it like it is. She is a voice, not an echo.


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