Hot Enough For You? Erotica Event!



No matter what genre you write, this event can put some sizzle into your novel! Join authors Janet W. Hardy, Shanna Germain, and Sienna Saint-Cyr in this amazing workshop. Want to add a steamy scene to your written work? How about a non-traditional relationship? Interested in nonfiction as well? We’ve got it all for you!

Covered topics will be writing non-traditional relationships realistically–not everyone wants a unicorn in their triad–LGBTQ characters, sex scenes, BDSM, consent, and more. Also covering topics of nonfiction and how to break into that genre. Programming details to come!

Source: Hot Enough For You? Erotica Event!


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Author * Speaker * Blogger on sex, erotica, LGBTQ, BDSM, Dominance, submission, consent, and polyamory. Authors tales of dark desires and hidden fantasies.
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