Fetish and Fuck Articles! – Hypnoplay, Sexting, and Double-sided Dildos

I’ve been mad busy this last week, so naturally, I have a bunch of articles to share! Three, as a matter of fact. 🙂 Enjoy!


Erotic hypnotism is something quite different than a swinging pendulum and an old psychologist on a couch. Find out why dom/dommes use it.

Source: Demystifying Fetishes: Erotic Hypnotism – Fetish.com


We once had phone sex, then email and chat room sex, and now there are all sorts of options under the title sexting. But what is sexting? Does it simply mean sending dirty texts through your cell phone? What about the gazillion apps that allow us to instantly connect with any mobile device and send our dirtiest desires via words, photos, and videos? Yes, it’s all sexting…

Source: Sexting Tips for When Adulting Gets Too Dull – Fuck.com


Do you enjoy penetration? It seems like a simple question, yet for women dating other women, this isn’t always easy to answer. Some don’t want penetration, others do, but what they want inside them may vary a great deal. Too often assumptions are made about what women want (like a double sided dildo for example), and it’s a serious problem. For me, the key is asking.

Source: Women Dating Women – Double-Sided Dildo Misconceptions – Fuck.com


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