Rustycon 34 Schedule


Here is my Rustycon 34 schedule. I’ve also been added to Unreliable Narrators at noon on Saturday. But that’s not listed here.

Rustycon 34Itinerary for Sienna Saint-Cyr

Fri Jan 13 5:00:pm Fri Jan 13 6:00:pm LGBTQ youths and how we can support them.
Renton The LGBTQ youths have a lot to deal with these days and lets talk about how we can help them.
April Daniels Gene Armstrong Mir Plemmons Sienna Saint-Cyr
Fri Jan 13 9:00:pm Fri Jan 13 10:00:pm Do I Need a Sex Scene?
Washington C Sex scenes have merit. In erotica, they’re vital or your story won’t sell. Yet in sci fi, fantasy, horror, the need for sex scenes may be there, but how do you know if a sex scene is right for you? Learn from pros what questions they ask themselves before choosing to add a sex scene into their novel.
J Tullos Hennig Jean Johnson Manny Frishberg Sienna Saint-Cyr
Fri Jan 13 11:00:pm Sat Jan 14 12:00:am BDSM for Beginners
Renton What does BDSM stand for? How does bondage differ from submission? Why would anyone want a contract? You ask, we answer!
Amber Clark Gadget Sienna Saint-Cyr
Sat Jan 14 5:00:pm Sat Jan 14 6:00:pm The Bechdel Test
Washington C What is the The Bechdel test and why does it matter? Do you have at least two female characters in your novel that have conversation *not* about a man? Discuss why this is so important, especially in genres that aren’t romance.
Elizabeth Guizzetti John Lovett Rebecca Birch Sienna Saint-Cyr
Sat Jan 14 9:00:pm Sat Jan 14 10:00:pm Erotica: Can you Write Good Smut for Sci-fi & Fantasy?
Renton 50 Shades of Grey brought BDSM into mainstream thought. The #1 selling E-Book through Amazon is a romance novel. Sex sells in mainstream markets, and many writers struggle over including sex scenes in their work. How much detail, how far can you go, and how much do you romanticize the details? Can erotic writing be good writing? How do you handle it when you throw multiple species, fantasy and science fiction worlds into the mix?
Geoffrey Quick Jean Johnson Manny Frishberg Sienna Saint-Cyr
Sat Jan 14 11:00:pm Sun Jan 15 12:00:am Advanced BDSM
Renton After learning the basics of BDSM, what is the next step? This is a panel for folks desiring to take that next step. Maybe entering into a full time D/s relationship, or taking bondage to a whole new level, come prepared to ask questions!
Amber Clark Gadget Sienna Saint-Cyr
Sun Jan 15 12:00:pm Sun Jan 15 1:00:pm The Care and Feeding of a Writer`s Blog
Tacoma Blogging — everyone`s doing it! And blogs are a great way for writers to chronicle their creative process and track their progress, interact with fans and other writers, and get free publicity. So, what are the keys to a great writer`s blog?
Bruce Taylor Sarah Steever Sienna Saint-Cyr

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