People In My Life, I <3 You


Tonight, I was commenting on one of my Facebook posts and it dawned on me that I’ve been spoiled by wonderful, intelligent, brave people with integrity these last few years. I say spoiled because I’m surrounded by such wonderful folks–people that don’t just speak, but act–that I’ve sort of forgotten about all those that used to be in my inner circle that spoke but never backed with action. Those types are still on the outskirts in some cases, but the people I feel close to are these other sorts. People of action and integrity.

I’ve worked hard to get lesser folks out of my life. And it’s worked. I don’t have time for half-assed. Especially when I’m all in. 

So earlier tonight, when a friend was posting about her frustration with people that are ‘suddenly speaking up now’ at all that’s going on with our government, I can’t say the same thing for my inner circle. The people in my inner circle honor their word. They stand up for injustice, no matter what political party is leading the country.

They’ve been doing it all along.

It’s brought me back to people that used to be in my life. People that claimed to be ‘for the people’ when they were really ‘for the white people’. Or people that claimed to be open and tolerant when they were really ‘open and tolerant to people that fit their narrow view’.

Now, I have people around me that inspire me to speak out. To take action. To back with facts and proof. To have integrity.

They’ve helped me grow so I can pass on the same wisdom and help others grow.

It’s easy to claim something. Not so easy to get your ass out there and take part. To give up your free time. To lose jobs because you refuse to compromise and tolerate ignorance and hatred in order to make a sale. These are people that put their money where their mouth is.


Those in my life are full of goodness, honesty, integrity, and action. I’m so proud to know you all.

Speaking out rocks the boat. It’s scary and hard. It means opposition. It means people assume, attack, blame and reject what you say because it *might* mean facing that they’re wrong. Or facing that they need to work on themselves. Or facing that they’ve–through their ignorance and/or lack of wanting to give up their privilege–have chosen actions that lead to the suffering of many.

Pride can be a good thing, but not when it becomes an excuse to stay stagnant. We should all be growing and learning until the last breath we take. If we’re not, then we’re stuck. Stagnant. This sort of pride is dangerous.

I suspect this is why I can’t have these later types in my life. And I forget that there are still some skimming the edges, making unpleasant waves of misinformation.

They tell lies to protect their own fragile egos.

But not those close in! Those close to me inspire me, teach me, and make me proud in all the healthy sorts of pride ways. You are people of action. Thank you for all you do!

You offer light even on the darkest of days.


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