Fire Play Class with Geoffrey Quick


Playing With Fire 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Fire Play and Massage
Pleasure Bound Studios Private Event Center
Olympia, WA – Mar 25, 2017 3-6 pm

Fire play seems intimidating at first glance. You need to get the right kind of equipment; you need all sorts of prep time, and a very particular environment for you to indulge in this kind of play, right? It’s why so many are cautious getting into this fun and dynamic style of sensory play that toys with many of our primal fears and apprehensions.

This class is an introductory class for those looking to look past the flash and flare so they can find the practical skills to get into fire massage, play and fire cupping. A little bit of education, practice, and training can turn this intimidating type of play into some of the safest, sexiest, and most sensual play you can experience. We also will look at the other side of the coin as we explore how to build on the intimidation value and work on edging the fire from pleasure to pain while keeping the experience safe for everyone involved.

This workshop is a great beginner class, as we will take you from building your kit to a variety of techniques to use with your fire play, including the fire cupping techniques that are useful as a massage technique, a way to inflict intense pain, and enhance more sensual scenes.

This Class will Cover:

* How to construct your wands, both disposable types and reusable types.

* Health issues and safety when conducting fire play.

* Terminology and negotiation techniques before you start playing with fire with a partner.

* Fire massage, fire cupping, air-enhanced and spray-enhanced fire techniques.

* Tips and tricks for changing a scene from sensual to punishing and back again, ways to prolong your scene as long as you’d like.

Self play with fire is possible, but we highly recommend you bring a partner or make friends with someone in the class! If you are someone with significant body hair you may wish to shave or otherwise shorten that body hair before you practice, unless you like the scent of burnt hair!

When you purchase your tickets you will receive a list of items you may wish to bring to build your own fire-play kit, but the class will also have fire wands you can purchase on site.

There will be opportunities to practice techniques as we learn them during the class, and there will also be a short period after the class for additional classes and practice time.

The class’s instructor, Geoffrey Quick has been an active participant in the Kink Community and has been practicing rope for over eight years. He has taught several workshops on fire play in private and public settings over the years as he brings a pragmatic approach to the risks and methods for fire play.

Notice –

Purchase of this ticket is acknowledgment of the following:

* You consent to attend an adults-oriented education session, all participants are required to be 18 or older and present ID at time of attendance.

* You consent to being present during adult activities and situations that may include partial or full nudity.

* There is no alcohol or other recreational drugs allowed on the venue premises. If you appear intoxicated, you will be asked to leave.

* RACK Leather and instructor Geoffrey Quick are providing this education session for the purposes of entertainment among consenting adults only. Neither RACK Leather nor Geoffrey Quick is liable for any injuries due to the application of the skills presented in this class demonstration.

* You agree to binding legal arbitration in the case that you choose to bring legal action against RACK Leather, Geoffrey Quick or the presentation venue.

* Photography MAY be allowed at the venue, with the consent of all involved.

TICKETS: (pricing available at brownpapertickets)


Pleasure Bound Studios Private Event Center
Address Given on Ticket Purchase
Olympia, WA 98512
United States


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