Up and Up


Thriving takes courage. Living the life I’ve wanted so badly to live has taken courage. And here I am. Living it. This past weekend was wonderful. Amazing. Inspiring.

Over the weekend, I taught a class on writing erotic fiction and nonfiction. The attendees were perfect. Open, confident, and there because they were serious about their craft and desired to improve. I had a great time teaching and certainly want to do more of that.

Then today, I started a new job. It’s taken a bit to finally be able to start and I can’t give much detail, but I already love it. So rewarding…

I look back five years and think about how much has changed. Then, I thought it would be cool to help out a nonprofit writing org one day. Never realizing that soon enough, I’d be running one. Then I looked at my author friends–then more acquaintances–and I couldn’t wait until I found people that wanted to read what I wrote too. Now, people do want to read what I write. Then I assisted a small press and thought, “How cool would it be to run my own?” Now, I am.

I also knew people living the poly, kinky lifestyle I wanted to live and I kept thinking one day. Now, I live it. And far above and beyond any wonderfulness I’d imagined.

I wanted to go back to school and elevate my level of education so I could work with people in ways I can’t currently, and I’m registered for school again.

All these things came from not letting my fear of failure stop me from forward motion. I don’t give in to fear, I face it. I had and still have the courage to push through. To move Up and Up.

So here I am. Living. Thriving. And enjoying all the goodness that living a life in the light brings me.

I’ve had a great couple of days. I look forward to more. ❤


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