i see the rainbow in your tears

I had a long post written tonight about why we treat one another so poorly, but I couldn’t bring myself to post it. As with everything, it was too negatively focused. There is pain and suffering all around us, but there is goodness too.

Sometimes, I wonder what would happen if we started really seeing one another. If we could be present and paying attention all the time. How different would life be? Some I know are, and they are the happiest of everyone I know.

Being present is hard. But it’s worth it. I’m finding it difficult to not be present now. I think why it’s so hard is because we must deal with past pain and trauma so we can be present. If we don’t deal with our shit, we get stuck in it. We can’t be present when we’re stuck in a heaping pile of dung.

I can say though, it’s worth it to cry the tears that need to be cried. It’s worth it to be angry when we need to be angry. It’s worth it to feel our emotions as they arise and not suppress them. Suppression leads to disconnectedness. And disconnectedness leads to a lack of empathy and to the inability to really see one another.

Most of what I’d written about and deleted had to do with people lacking empathy: not seeing one another as human or equal.

It’s only recently that I’m truly seeing myself. When I wrote (a few posts back) about realizing I was repeating behaviors that weren’t healthy or productive, those same behaviors meant that in those areas, I wasn’t seeing myself clearly. Which also meant I couldn’t see others in those areas clearly. We can’t see what we aren’t open to. I had to work on myself in order to see myself and others.

We have to feel. We have to do the hard work. We have to hold ourselves accountable just as we do others. Only then can we be truly present. And only in a constant state of being present with one another, can we make things better overall. Empathy requires seeing one another and feeling each other’s pain.

Feeling is hard. Healing is hard. I know. But it’s also divine. In this time of darkness, we can show love by witnessing one another’s pain. We can have empathy. We can choose to see one another and listen twice as much as we speak. While this post has changed and therefore, shortened significantly, I much prefer pushing this message into the world. ❤

I leave you with these lyrics from the song Rainbow:

[Verse 1]
I know you, you’re a special one
Some see crazy where I see love
You fall so low but shoot so high
Big dreamers shoot for open sky
So much life in those open eyes
So much depth, you look for the light
But when your wounds open, you will cry
You’ll cry out now and you’ll question why

I can see a rainbow
In your tears as they fall on down
I can see your soul grow
Through the pain as they hit the ground
I can see a rainbow
In your tears as the sun comes out
As the sun comes out

[Verse 2]
I am here and I see your pain

Through the storms, through the clouds, the rain

I’m telling you, you cannot escape

You can do it, just feel baby


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3 Responses to i see the rainbow in your tears

  1. Hedda Wilson says:

    Love this song so much. It’s amazing what shows written for children can teach us, sometimes. (My children are currently obsessed with My Little Pony, and with this song. The film was really good, too.) But, like you, every day I am more and more distressed at the state of things and how we, as human beings, cannot seem to see each other’s pain and empathize. What happened to compassion? You are right. We have to do the hard work.


  2. toraprincess says:

    You’ve provided inspiration for my music selection this morning. 🙏


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