Life Is Magical, When We Let It Be


I’ve got so much to say right now. I’m not even sure where to start. For one, I’ve been so madly busy since Norwescon that I’ve hardly had time to breathe. My new classes started (and I love them so far), and that’s been an adjustment as now I’m driving to Gig Harbor for one of them. But it’s beautiful there and I’m enjoying it a great deal. I’ve also had some heavier work items going on, but that’s been enjoyable too. It’s just busyness. That’s it. And in this busyness, I’ve also implemented some pretty big changes.

While I’ve fought it for years, I am now keeping a tight schedule. I’ve got items on an excel sheet to be completed during certain hours of the day, and empty spots for leisure time or moving items if something can’t be completed when I’d planned. To my surprise, I’m not hating this process. I’m finding it helpful for getting more accomplished. The only downfall (which has been cleared up now) was that I was using the items I hadn’t completed to punish myself. And that’s not helpful. But as I said, that has been addressed in the hottest ways. *giggles* So now, I’m using my schedule to my advantage, and it’s wonderful.

The other thing I’ve changed is that I’ve gone back to the whole foods/plant based way of eating. No sugars or oils either. I’ve been vegan before, but I still had sugar and oils. Things my body doesn’t need. Since switching back to the whole foods plant method, I’m feeling so much better. So much more energy and less pain. While I love animals dearly and hate killing them for food, that isn’t the reason I’ve switched to plant based foods. My family still eats meat and if my husband makes his Korean BBQ, well, I’m having some! But I’m feeling so much better health wise that I really don’t want to stray from this.

Someone asked me a couple years back why I ate things that made me not feel good and I was irritated at the time. All I could think was, “Um…. hello… because they taste good!” I felt judged and angry over it. It’s taken me a long time to understand that my anger had nothing to do with the actual food. I was angry that this person had pointed out the obvious when I hadn’t thought about that myself. Why was I eating foods that made me sick? That left me in pain? The only answer that I’ve been able to come to is that I didn’t want to be pain free, which is a whole blog post in itself.

I’m also back to exercising again. While this isn’t a new thing, the pain I’ve been in has made working out hard. I’ve also allowed myself to become inactive and full of excuses after getting two cases of flu in a row. But enough is enough. I will admit, working out when I’m feeling lighter and in far less pain is so much easier too!

What all of these changes have meant is that I get to be happier and healthier. They’ve meant that I’m more open to goodness. I’m seeing people and situations so much clearer, and this is a great thing.

It’s also meant that I’m feeling things deeper. Like power dynamics. Everything has become so much more powerful and it was already powerful to begin with! Things I’ve only been able to fantasize are my reality now. Things so delicious that I’m considering starting another blog dedicated solely to these new aspects of my life.

Many things have changed in my life, and they are all wonderful. Life is magical when we let it be.


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