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Author * Speaker * Blogger on sex, erotica, LGBTQ, BDSM, Dominance, submission, consent, and polyamory. Authors tales of dark desires and hidden fantasies.

Simple Truth

This is probably going to sound like a cryptic post. And in some ways, it kind of is. Not because I need it to be, but because I only need a simple truth. And going into all the explanations of … Continue reading

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Kintsugi – Powerful Stories of Healing Trauma releases January 1, 2019! Today’s featured author is me! 🙂 Presale links are below. Sienna Saint-Cyr’s erotic and romantic fiction has appeared in series like Love Slave and Sexual Expression, anthologies like Silence … Continue reading

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Joy doesn’t mean ‘no pain’

It’s been a while since I blogged. I’ve been quite busy and in all the right ways. I’ve also had so much personal growth, which continues to be a theme for me even after all the growth I’ve already had. … Continue reading

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Kissing Girls

Tonight I saw this tweet about the Macy’s day parade and two girls kissing and how that broke the innocence of the kids watching. At first, I was pretty disgusted and ready to rage tweet to @foramerica about their bigotry … Continue reading

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Orycon 40 Schedule

My Speakers Sessions Saturday, November 10 1:00pm Bad Ways to Hustle   Seanan McGuire • Sienna Saint-Cyr • Stephanie L. Weippert 6:00pm Do I Really Need an Editor?   Audiobook Narrator • Sienna Saint-Cyr • Erica L. Satifka • Brittany Torres 8:00pm … Continue reading

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Sometimes I want to say a lot but I can’t bring the words to my lips. So I sit here, staring at the wall in silence. I’ve tried to put my thoughts down here but three lines in, I stop … Continue reading

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Do Better – A Letter For Cis Women

I’m sharing this with permission from the author–though anonymously–to get this message heard. These are justified, angry words from a trans woman. They need us cis women to hear this, internalize it, and do better. Especially right now. This was … Continue reading

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