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Recent Fuck and Fetish Articles

Sexual compatibility is necessary to have a successful relationship. But how do you read the signs of attraction and know if you’re compatible early on? asked Sienna Saint-Cyr to share how she tests for those sexual compatibility markers right up front. Why does … Continue reading

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Fetish articles up!

The words ‘passive-aggressive’ should tell us something about the nature of those actions. After all, aggressive is part of that. But how does this toxic behavior affect us in the BDSM community? has asked Sienna Saint-Cyr to share her thoughts. Read more on … Continue reading

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Fuck, Fetish, and Happiness Articles Up!

I have a bunch of articles up on various websites. Enjoy! Beginners Guide to Group Sex Group sex is something that many folks fantasize about. But is having a cock in every hole all it’s cracked up to be? asked author Sienna … Continue reading

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The ABCs of Body Mod via

Body modifications—whether a simple statement about personal identity or some kinkier more fetishistic yearning—can be empowering. Sometimes such alterations are controversial and non-consensual, but we trust that any you choose to practice will be just plain fun! Read more on … Continue reading

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Happiness and Fetish Articles Up

How BDSM Can Help You Find Self-Acceptance Via  Coming to grips with being kinky when you’ve been raised in a religious or very conservative household isn’t easy. When sex is shamed, let alone any exploration outside of missionary style intercourse, finding … Continue reading

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Interview with Leland Carina via

Hello, lovely readers! I wanted to share my recent interview with Leland Carina on Leather Families for After meeting her at The Mystery Box Show, I was instantly impressed by her knowledge, confidence, and kind demeanor. And, of course, her … Continue reading

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Illusions of Control – via

My article on Illusions of Control is on right now. Check it out! When in a D/s relationship, who is really in control? Some will say the Dom/Domme, while others insist it’s actually the submissive. I feel both are … Continue reading

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