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Interview with Dirty Lola via

My interview with the fabulous Dirty Lola! She was such a joy to meet at the Mystery Box Show. 🙂 We’ve got the dirt on Dirty Lola. To be honest, it wasn’t hard; she’s so open about everything! Dirty Lola is … Continue reading

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Condom Effectiveness via

Condom Effectiveness: How Much Do Condoms Actually Protect You From? I’ve posed a tricky question. How much do condoms protect from? Most of us know they protect against pregnancy—though not always—but what about STIs/STDs? According to the CDC, there is … Continue reading

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Tantric Orgasm 101 via

Tantra has been around for several thousand years, though the exact historical timeline is still murky. While there are two main origins—Buddhist and Hindu—it’s the Hindu practice that is more commonly recognized nowadays. Many yoga instructors incorporate Tantra into their … Continue reading

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Fetish and Fuck Articles! – Hypnoplay, Sexting, and Double-sided Dildos

I’ve been mad busy this last week, so naturally, I have a bunch of articles to share! Three, as a matter of fact. 🙂 Enjoy! Erotic hypnotism is something quite different than a swinging pendulum and an old psychologist on … Continue reading

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Sex Therapy and Surrogates via

My article on Sex Therapists is on today. ❤ “Sex therapy can do a great deal for us. While sometimes our issues around our sexuality are purely hormonal, often there’s a deeper issue that is preventing us from experiencing … Continue reading

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Aftermath of Sex Trafficking

The article I wrote about being sex trafficked and a child prostitute is on today. In light of all that’s going on in the U.S. right now, I’m proud to be sharing this when I am. November is about stopping violence … Continue reading

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Okay so maybe we don’t have exactly nine million reasons, but you get the fucking point. Masturbation is joy, but what of mutual masturbation? Some might cringe and think, “That’s supposed to be private!” And in some cases, you may … Continue reading

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