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Crumbling and Rising

Today, I posted something on Facebook about wanting to crumble to the ground and be done. While I’m still feeling some ‘meh’ energy, I’m also doing better after working through a lot of emotions this afternoon. I cried a lot, … Continue reading

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Shifting My Thoughts

I started this out really wanting to bitch about how overwhelmed I am now that school has started, is overlapping with this intense state training I’ve been in, and my writing deadlines are adding up, but no matter how much … Continue reading

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Abusers and Projection

Why do we protect abusive people? I have to ask myself this even when I know the answer. Why? Because abused people are bullied, brainwashed, and gaslit into believing they are at fault for their abuse. But this can be … Continue reading

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Getting It Release Announcement

Today is a special day. For a while, I’d wanted to own a publishing company and put out content that I felt good about. Sex with enthusiastic consent, BDSM with enthusiastic consent, healthy relationships where women had equal power and … Continue reading

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You Have Been Weighed, Measured, and Found Wanting

What we do matters. Period. We are also human and will make mistakes. Period. I’m not judgmental when it comes to things that don’t harm others. Or when it comes to mistakes that someone takes responsibility for. But not owning … Continue reading

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Embracing My Inner Schoolgirl

I’m a little wired right now. Despite today being one of the busiest days (weeks really) I’ve had all summer. I should be worn out and earlier tonight I even was, but much has happened since then. Things that helped … Continue reading

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One More Light

I need to feel a lot of emotion tonight apparently. Emo days have been happening a lot lately for the reason I brought up in my last post… it’s the worst time of year for me. Tonight, as I’m thinking … Continue reading

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