Summer Fair – Presale Now!

Announcing the cover release and presale of Summer Fair!

As many of you know, I’m passionate about mental health and shifting rape culture. For years, I’ve taken part in fundraising efforts that donate proceeds to charities supporting my passions. The latest collection–Summer Fair–is the third provided by the StoryPenners. Melt and Haunt were the first two collections with their proceeds going to the homeless in Chicago and to charities supporting mental health research and aide throughout the US.

This time, the StoryPenners decided to donate all their proceeds to RAINN, the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network. Since it was first created in 1994, the National Sexual Assault Hotline (800.656.HOPE and has helped more than 2 million people affected by sexual violence. ** This project is not being backed by RAINN, the StoryPenners are just using the proceeds to donate to their efforts.


A bit about Summer Fair

Summer festivals bring the aroma of popcorn, the excitement of rides, and the promise of real-life enchantment. Seven authors bring you original love stories, each set at a different summer celebration. You’ll experience the thrill of the Chicago World’s fair through the eyes of a plucky girl reporter and the quiet desperation of a teen working a summer job at a traveling carnival. Get whisked away on romantic journeys around the world from a sweet Texas Dewberry Festival to a lantern-filled temple celebration to a surprisingly rowdy New England Founders Day. Whether it’s the magic of a Renaissance Fair, the excitement of a Theater Retreat, or the pulse of a Music Festival, you’re sure to get geared up for all things summer with this delightful new collection.

Riding the Wave by Annabeth Leong
Amaryllis and New Lace by Gregory L. Norris
Salty and Sweet by R.L. Merrill
Dewberry Kisses by CM Peters
All the World by Marie Piper
Carnie by Sienna Saint-Cyr
The Storyteller’s Side by Harley Easton
With Stars in His Eyes by Arden de Winter

Find on Amazon Presale available now!

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Impervious: Chronicles of a (semi-)Retired Deviant – by Janet W. Hardy — SinCyr Publishing

We’re delighted to announce that SinCyr Publishing has picked up Janet W. Hardy’s Impervious: Chronicles of a (semi-)Retired Deviant. Publication is scheduled for Spring of 2019! About Janet ~ Janet W. Hardy is the author or coauthor of eleven groundbreaking books about relationships and sexuality, including The Ethical Slut (more than 160,000 copies sold to date, including […]

via Impervious: Chronicles of a (semi-)Retired Deviant – by Janet W. Hardy — SinCyr Publishing

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Owning It Book Release Day!

Owning It – Sexual Expression Book 3 – is available today! Print and ebook options!



Owning who we are is powerful. By embracing our bodies and owning our desires, we best experience beautiful, sensual, and intense sexual expression.

The characters in Owning It love their bodies regardless of their physical limitations. In these pages, a Daddy and his ‘little’ explore the healing waters of a DD/lg dynamic. Others enjoy a wide range of sexual encounters and relationships from playful to intense, from straight to queer, from light to dark. These authors give us characters that truly own it.

Authors: Cecilia Duvalle, Andra Dill, Sienna Saint-Cyr, M. Marie, Tamara Lush, Jaap Boekestein, Erin Horáková, Tressa Rabbit, Terri Ley, AJ Fyler, Stephani Maari Booker, H. Pueyo, Sofia Greenwood, Megan Jennifer, and Sam Elmquist

Editors: Sienna Saint-Cyr, Rhiannon Rhys-Jones, and S.B. Roark
Copy Editor: Harley Easton

It takes a few days for print and ebook to link, so here are the separate links below.

ebook link:

print book link:

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To Report or Not to Report: A Review

27906911_807132502808495_1151330014_o (1)

Recently, I purchased To Report or Not to Report: Survivor Testimony of the (In)Justice System by Resonance Press. The book is broken into three parts: Survivor testimony of those that didn’t report, survivor testimony of those that did report, and finally, perspectives from professionals.

These stories are heartfelt and cut deeply as I thought about my own experiences. Through the authors’ bravery and openness, I was able to witness some of their pain. These strangers, many far away from me, feel like family. Survivor family.

Part of what made this collection so powerful for me was the third section. The way the editor laid the book out led to the perfect ending. One where hope was left for survivors. Not just hope, but an understanding of just how and why our system is so broken. With that knowledge, we can then work to fix it.

The editor, Emily Jacob, is a survivor herself. Her own healing led her to become a coach, working with survivors via the ReConnected Life Experience.

The ReConnected Life Experience will take you from merely surviving, to thriving. Delivered as an online course, or through one-to-one coaching, the ReConnected Life Experience will take you from a life of self-blame, of feeling out of control, of distrusting yourself and others, of living a small & narrow life; to a life of joy, of variety, of confidence. You will look forward to what the future holds, with a happy, hopeful heart.

This book touched me. I highly recommend it if you’re a survivor yourself or even if you’re supporting one. These topics are never easy to read about, but they are vital if we are to change anything for the better.

27781128_807132499475162_365148462_n (1)

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CALL REOPENED: Kintsugi – Powerful Stories of Healing Trauma

This call is reopened until April 30, 2018. While we have many great stories already, we’re looking to make this a print book and it’s still too short for that. We’re also including poems if you’d like to submit a poem. 

Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 9.23.55 PM

Open Call: Kintsugi – Powerful Stories of Healing Trauma

This is SinCyr’s first nonfiction open call! For this collection, we’ve decided to call it Kintsugi, named after the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold or other fine materials. The idea is to take something shattered or cracked and turn it into a piece even more beautiful than before.

What we’re looking for:

Personal stories about healing trauma. For some of you, writing this piece may be your first step to healing. For others, you may have come through great amounts of abuse and found your agency and joy. These stories will vary because abuse varies. How it affects us varies. Because the company is focused on shifting rape culture, body shaming, toxic masculinity and so forth, the stories should fit somewhere into these categories.

Were you sexually abused? Body shamed? Harassed and bullied for your sexuality or gender? The victim of abused power? Did the abuse cause difficulty in maintaining healthy relationships? How has the abuse affected you sexually and how have you healed? Found your joy? Or are you taking that first step to healing right now by writing for this collection?

Transformation is beautiful. Sharing your story is powerful.

Here are some vital details to remember when writing for and submitting to this collection:

  • These stories should focus on healing from abuse. Sharing abuse is necessary to illustrate what you’ve overcome, but we’d like the focus to be on the healing and not the trauma itself. If this is your first step to healing, you might share how you came to accept what happened or what you plan to do to move forward now that you’ve shared and started down the path of healing.
  • For liability reasons, please don’t call out specific people for their abuse. Keep it vaguer. We can’t print anything that calls out someone in too much detail. This includes mental health, as it’s not ethical to print other’s mental illness details. There is also the option of pen names or Jane Doe One, John Doe Five, etc…
  • Polished stories only. Make sure your story is clean. Follow the submission guidelines for formatting.

Submission Guidelines:

  • 12pt font, Times New Roman
  • Double Spaced, no extra line between paragraphs
  • Do not hit the “tab” key to indent paragraphs. Use Word’s margins/ruler to indent.
  • Send in Word doc or rtf. Word is preferred.

Word count: 1000-5000 words
One story submission per person.
Submission Deadline: NEW DEADLINE April 30, 2018

Editor Sienna Saint-Cyr and Leyna Alexander M.Ed.

Photographer: Geekslair Photography

Send submissions to with the subject line KINTSUGI: your title.

Payment – 60% of net royalties split between authors.

“Shifting rape culture one sexy story at a time.”

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Working It Release Day!

Everybody’s working it, grinding away at the nine to five, when all we really want to do is escape to take a hot tumble on the boss’s desk. Let this sexy collection whisk you away from the office and into sixteen stories that explore sex in the working world. Wink at that sexy security guard, get revved up for a conference tryst and let love break down the language barrier with a new co-worker. Will you succumb to the casual charm of your new client, tip over the edge for your warehouse trainee, or get a long-thought of revenge on the supervisor making your life hell? White collar. Blue collar. It doesn’t matter what collar you’re wearing once the shirts come off. Leave the office behind with Working It.

Authors AJ Fyler, CM Peters, Jean Roberta, KP, Sonni de Soto, Cyn Heaven, M. Marie, Annabeth Leong, Harley Easton, Sienna Saint-Cyr, Cela Winter, Terri Ley, Rebecca Chase, Heather Day, James S. Davie, Jordan Monroe.

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More Alternative Truths: Stories from the Resistance – A Review

Screen Shot 2017-11-18 at 12.06.50 PMMany of us are fed up and angry with our current administration and the direction our president has gone. We’re losing the ground we’ve fought so hard to gain in regard to human rights and it’s a hard pill to swallow. Taking action can be hard and it might feel like our voices don’t matter in the sea of hatred. But for the authors and contributors of More Alternative Truths: Stories from the Resistance, using their voices is just what they’re doing. I’m absolutely in love with these heartfelt stories.

My favorites of the lot are K.G. Anderson’s, “The Right Man for the Job,” in which frustrated Democrats hold a séance in an attempt to find a solution to our Trump problem. It’s witty and fun! Another favorite was, “The Ten Commandments Renegotiated” by Jim Wright and Bobby Lee Featherston. Their story about Trump Moses had me rolling with laughter. I felt like I was standing before him, shaking my head, listening to him redefine the ten commandments. “Tweetstorm” by Manny Frishberg and Edd Vick was also fantastic. They’ve really got Trump’s voice down. I felt like I was reading his actual tweets.

There are so many wonderful stories in this anthology. I’m blown away by the talent of these authors. They were able to pull me in and give me a sense of relief after reading. If you’re part of the resistance, you’ll love this collection! If you haven’t jumped on board yet, this collection may just get you there!

More Alternative Truths: Stories from the Resistance includes stories by David Brin, Adam-Troy Castro, Esther Friesner, Manny Frishberg, Philip Brian Hall, Vonda N. McIntyre, John A. Pitts, Irene Radford, Mike Resnick, Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, Edd Vick, Jane Yolen, Jim Wright, K.G. Anderson, and more.

This is a popular series. Jim Wright’s essay from the first anthology (Alternative Truths), “President Trump, Gettysburg, November 19, 1863,” spawned a theater piece, now available as a YouTube video! 

I rarely give a five-star review, but this book is certainly getting one from me!

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