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My Toxic Relationship With Money

Money and I have a hate/hate relationship. Or at least we did. Money has always caused me anxiety. Spending it, having it, thinking about it, and it’s just this little piece of paper. But it’s a paper that holds so … Continue reading

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Pop Tarts and Mountain Dew

This is a topic that is far more difficult to discuss than some of my sexual abuse. Not because it’s worse than the abuse, but because it’s embarrassing to discuss and admit. It also ties to the abuse, as it … Continue reading

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I’ve had a hard time blogging lately for reasons and it’s frustrating. This is usually some of my therapy. While my traditional therapy works well and the work D and I do works even better, my blog has always been … Continue reading

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Trust and Betrayal

As I sit here thinking about what I want to write tonight, my mind is jumping all over the place. Part of me wants to talk about how I’ve really enjoyed writing this last batch of fetish articles I’ve submitted, … Continue reading

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You Lack Integrity

Integrity is essential for me. I used to think that there were shades of it or levels that one could possess. It’s only recently that I’ve realized you can’t have ‘some’ integrity. People either have it or they don’t. There’s no … Continue reading

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Subs Violate Consent Too

Consent is something I’ve written about several times now, but in this post I’m going to cover some areas that are often overlooked. Part of this post was a request, and the rest I feel fits well with the subject … Continue reading

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Angry, Bitter, and Fed UP

This isn’t a fun post or one full of nice things to say. It’s quite the opposite in fact, and probably full of ranting and venting. But I’m angry, resentful, fed up, and I need to let it out. I … Continue reading

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