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Do Better – A Letter For Cis Women

I’m sharing this with permission from the author–though anonymously–to get this message heard. These are justified, angry words from a trans woman. They need us cis women to hear this, internalize it, and do better. Especially right now. This was … Continue reading

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Imposter Syndrome

I’ve seen a lot of posts, panels, classes, even specific counseling practices focused on imposter syndrome, but I didn’t look it up until tonight. Until lately, I’ve not felt I had issues with this, but I do. I always feel … Continue reading

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Angry, Bitter, and Fed UP

This isn’t a fun post or one full of nice things to say. It’s quite the opposite in fact, and probably full of ranting and venting. But I’m angry, resentful, fed up, and I need to let it out. I … Continue reading

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