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A Year of Overcoming Fear – 2017

This last year has gone by so fast that I’m still finding it hard to believe that it’s almost 2018. When the year began, I knew I wanted to run a small press and had just opened one. I also … Continue reading

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Calming the Storm

Growth is hard. If it was easy, more of us would take part. I’m in a new place of personal growth right now. One where when I get triggered, I’m wanting to work through it on my own using my … Continue reading

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Imposter Syndrome

I’ve seen a lot of posts, panels, classes, even specific counseling practices focused on imposter syndrome, but I didn’t look it up until tonight. Until lately, I’ve not felt I had issues with this, but I do. I always feel … Continue reading

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Not so Safe and Sound

I was doing some editing tonight and the song Safe and Sound came on by Capital Cities. I used to love this song and occasionally still do, but tonight it rather pissed me off. I suspect because I don’t feel … Continue reading

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Fear and Excitement

For those of you who haven’t heard it, there is a great podcast called Cracking Creativity. I’ve seen it shared several times on Facebook recently and decided to listen. There are many useful tips for all creative types in this podcast, and there … Continue reading

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Disrespecting Anxiety

Last night I was chatting with a friend about sadness and depression, and how when we’re rewriting our narratives, this feeling gets worse. It’s because we’re questioning everything we’ve been told about ourselves—life in general—and then wiping the slate clean. … Continue reading

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