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F@#k More

These past few weeks have been hell. The one time when I can be sure my depression will come back is when I’m sick. And it did, as I knew it would. But this last bit of ick has also … Continue reading

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Recent Fuck and Fetish Articles

Sexual compatibility is necessary to have a successful relationship. But how do you read the signs of attraction and know if you’re compatible early on? Fuck.com asked Sienna Saint-Cyr to share how she tests for those sexual compatibility markers right up front. Why does … Continue reading

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Ass Worship via Fuck.com

Rimming is a term you may have heard before, but what is a rim job? Fuck.com has asked author Sienna Saint-Cyr to shed a little light on this taboo subject and discuss what a rim job is, the best ways to give and receive, … Continue reading

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Fuck.com’s 9 Million Reasons Mutual Masturbation Is Awesome

Okay so maybe we don’t have exactly nine million reasons, but you get the fucking point. Masturbation is joy, but what of mutual masturbation? Some might cringe and think, “That’s supposed to be private!” And in some cases, you may … Continue reading

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Getting Over The Vibrator – Fuck.com

Getting Over The Vibrator The magical powers of the vibrator are many. Twirling motions, duel action, vibration in various speeds, hell… they even come with the ability to attach to iPods and rattl… Source: Getting Over The Vibrator – Fuck.com … Continue reading

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