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That Time of Year Again…

Every August, I start going through body memory of things that happened to me. My body aches, I grind my teeth (often breaking some), my jaw and head throb, and this unnerving fear kicks in. It consumes me, even when … Continue reading

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Self-Acceptance: Loving My Body – via happiness.org

Here is my article on loving my body. Today was the perfect day to see this posted. 🙂 I was never one of those skinny girls growing up. For a long time, this bothered me. I never wore a swimsuit, … Continue reading

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Witnessing Pain

Yesterday was a hard day. I had a lot to accomplish (and I did so) but I also had to work through being shut down and that wasn’t pretty. It was quite painful, in fact. But I did it. And … Continue reading

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Return to Innocence

Sometimes I hear a song and it really takes me back. Memories pop into my head… some good, some bad. Most times good and bad since music and dancing have always been my go-to for getting me through hard times. … Continue reading

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Beautiful Healing

For the last few years, I’ve had a focus for myself. One year was more mental health, another working into a place of emotional health, and 2016 was about focusing on my body and physical health. I changed many things … Continue reading

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Shattered Illusions and Falling Towers

There’s something to be said for letting go of lies and illusions and walking in my power. The lies and illusions I refer to are the ones that kept me in the darkness. They were designed to keep me in … Continue reading

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People In My Life, I <3 You

Tonight, I was commenting on one of my Facebook posts and it dawned on me that I’ve been spoiled by wonderful, intelligent, brave people with integrity these last few years. I say spoiled because I’m surrounded by such wonderful folks–people … Continue reading

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