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Open to Life

Since my last post, I’ve been listening to a lot of Sadhguru’s videos. While there are some aspects of his teachings that don’t resonate with me at this point in time, so much does. I’m understanding on the deepest levels … Continue reading

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Mental Health and Validation

Life can be strange sometimes. Oh hell, who am I kidding? Life is pretty strange all the time. For instance, I never thought that I’d have a conversation about mentally unstable people with my kid, nor did I think that … Continue reading

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Thirteen Reasons Why

These last few days I’ve been watching Thirteen Reasons Why. For those that haven’t seen it, let me warn you now, it’s about suicide. Normally I wouldn’t watch something like that as it’s triggering, but something about this show has … Continue reading

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Emotional Growth Is Tough

When we learn in school, there’s repetition to help us maintain knowledge. When we exercise and lift weights, there’s repetition in order to help our muscles get stronger. But during these moments of stretching, we rarely discuss why the rest … Continue reading

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Melt Is Available For Preorder Today!

With so much negativity these last few days, this is certainly something to make me happy! Preorders for Melt begin today! Not only did my story, Finding Home, show me a lot about myself (my growth and healing), but I … Continue reading

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Announcing Melt!

Remember the snow themed project I’ve been working on? We are announcing it today! Melt will be available for preorder on November 10th! Five stories to get snowed in with. By Stephanie Bissette-Roark — Harley Easton CM Peters — Marie … Continue reading

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