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Happiness and Fetish Articles Up

How BDSM Can Help You Find Self-Acceptance Via Happiness.org  Coming to grips with being kinky when you’ve been raised in a religious or very conservative household isn’t easy. When sex is shamed, let alone any exploration outside of missionary style intercourse, finding … Continue reading

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Swinging for Beginners viat fuck.com

Swinging for beginners The swing lifestyle isn’t just about partner swapping. It can be, but it doesn’t have to be. Sometimes swinging is simply having sexual encounters with someone other than your primary partner, and this is where my current draw is. Read … Continue reading

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The Link Between Sex and Happiness via happiness.org

This is a topic that’s always a struggle for me, sex and happiness. As much as I love sexual actions, intercourse itself can be tricky for me. It was both healing and rewarding to be able to research and write … Continue reading

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Girl Boner – Beauty in Sexuality #BOAW2017

Last night, I watched a woman embrace her innermost desires and take ownership of her sexuality. I’m fortunate to have seen such a thing and experienced it myself. Most people never get to witness a sexual awakening and some never even … Continue reading

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Being True to Me

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged and part of that is because I’ve been so busy with events and book releases and articles and interviews and the fantastic storytelling I did at The Mystery Box Show that I haven’t … Continue reading

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Aftermath of Sex Trafficking

The article I wrote about being sex trafficked and a child prostitute is on fuck.com today. In light of all that’s going on in the U.S. right now, I’m proud to be sharing this when I am. November is about stopping violence … Continue reading

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Melt Is Available For Preorder Today!

With so much negativity these last few days, this is certainly something to make me happy! Preorders for Melt begin today! Not only did my story, Finding Home, show me a lot about myself (my growth and healing), but I … Continue reading

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