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Shame and Empathy

I wrote recently how a lot has changed for me, for the better, and those changes mean that I have a clearer path to achieve my goals. Some of those goals are lengthy. Like career goals and being physically healthy. … Continue reading

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Calming the Storm

Growth is hard. If it was easy, more of us would take part. I’m in a new place of personal growth right now. One where when I get triggered, I’m wanting to work through it on my own using my … Continue reading

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No More F’s to Give

For most of my life, I’ve been told I’m too sensitive. That I need to toughen up. Get thicker skin. Not let things affect me so much… People always have an opinion on what I do and how I should … Continue reading

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Sweatpants and Coffee Article

I’m a sex-positive, body-positive, non-traditional relationship, pansexual, kinky kind of gal. I know this sounds like it would be a fun article about my sex life and all the wonderful details of my exploits, but it’s not. This is about … Continue reading

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