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Powerful Yet Humble

When I began writing, I was often told to write what I know. It made sense at the time. Still does in many ways. But the issue with that is that I often write to learn. I’ve done it with … Continue reading

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Novels, Writing, and Happiness

What is my happy ending? It’s a good question and one I don’t have an answer to and that’s affected my writing. There’s a story in me—one that is fiction but based off of my life and unique relationships—and that … Continue reading

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Habits for Successful People

I’ve never been able to see myself as a successful person. I’ve seen others potential and that turned into success, but not my own. And when I say success, I don’t mean that they’re making 500k a year or that … Continue reading

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Summer Fair – Presale Now!

Announcing the cover release and presale of Summer Fair! As many of you know, I’m passionate about mental health and shifting rape culture. For years, I’ve taken part in fundraising efforts that donate proceeds to charities supporting my passions. The … Continue reading

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Shame and Empathy

I wrote recently how a lot has changed for me, for the better, and those changes mean that I have a clearer path to achieve my goals. Some of those goals are lengthy. Like career goals and being physically healthy. … Continue reading

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The Sweetest Space

This day has been all over the place. It hasn’t gone to plan, that’s for sure. A lot hasn’t gone to plan lately and mostly, that’s great. It’s because I’ve crossed this barrier I didn’t know existed. Not until I … Continue reading

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Things are Good

Things are good. They have been. Like REALLY good. Yet I’m feeling this strange bit of dread right now. Odd, I know. But I’m still feeling it. The reason it’s so odd is that things ‘have’ been good. If things … Continue reading

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