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Open Call: Kintsugi – Powerful Stories of Healing Trauma

Open Call: Kintsugi – Powerful Stories of Healing Trauma This is SinCyr’s first nonfiction open call! For this collection, we’ve decided to call it Kintsugi, named after the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold or other fine materials. The … Continue reading

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Witnessing Pain

Yesterday was a hard day. I had a lot to accomplish (and I did so) but I also had to work through being shut down and that wasn’t pretty. It was quite painful, in fact. But I did it. And … Continue reading

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Healing Trauma with Yoga – via happiness.org

My article on healing trauma through yoga. ❤ According to the Yoga Journal, there are 38 health benefits to having a daily yoga practice. They range from physical body health, like flexibility, draining lymph nodes, increasing circulation, lowering blood pressure, … Continue reading

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In the Darkness, Before the Dawn

I feel too broken. People keep telling me how I’ve come so far and done so well in my healing, but boy… get some fucked up shit going on and put some horrific memories in front me and suddenly all … Continue reading

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Trauma, Getting Over It, and Coming My Brains Out!

Today is a good day. My days have been bouncing between good, great, and mostly awful lately. But today is good and heading into great because I asked for something I needed… to be told to ‘get over it’. This … Continue reading

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More on Birthdays

Some days suck. While today is not one of those days, it feels like it could turn that direction quickly. Mostly I feel good, and that’s because I work on my issues. I face pain and trauma head on and … Continue reading

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Birthday Girl

Today is my birthday. Normally, I don’t say much about it. I don’t remind people. Most of my life I’ve hated my birthday. Something bad always happens around it. Sometimes it’s small things, like family and friends being assholes. Other times … Continue reading

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