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Writing, Therapy, and Thriving

Last night I got back to a writing project—okay, a novel—that I was hoping to finish by last December. I’ve never had so much trouble writing a novel before. Usually, I’m quite fast and can crank them out. First drafts, … Continue reading

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Losing a Friend

Things were rough this last week. For one, I got sick. When I’m sick I get cranky and have a harder time seeing clearly. I also dealt with some trauma. Okay, some BIG trauma… So the last couple weeks have … Continue reading

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Pop Tarts and Mountain Dew

This is a topic that is far more difficult to discuss than some of my sexual abuse. Not because it’s worse than the abuse, but because it’s embarrassing to discuss and admit. It also ties to the abuse, as it … Continue reading

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Shattered Illusions and Falling Towers

There’s something to be said for letting go of lies and illusions and walking in my power. The lies and illusions I refer to are the ones that kept me in the darkness. They were designed to keep me in … Continue reading

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People In My Life, I <3 You

Tonight, I was commenting on one of my Facebook posts and it dawned on me that I’ve been spoiled by wonderful, intelligent, brave people with integrity these last few years. I say spoiled because I’m surrounded by such wonderful folks–people … Continue reading

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Staying In My Power

For about a year now, I’ve needed to be Daddy’s princess. Getting to that point took a long time. I had so much self-judgment around what I needed and wanted because all I’d ever heard about Daddy/princess dynamics were that … Continue reading

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I’ve had a hard time blogging lately for reasons and it’s frustrating. This is usually some of my therapy. While my traditional therapy works well and the work D and I do works even better, my blog has always been … Continue reading

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